We are running a Kickstarter campaign to create the Spreedbox.

The Spreedbox is a hardware device powered by ODROID-C1 and Ubuntu Snappy Core bringing the most private video chat and file exchange of Spreed WebRTC into your home. All set up and ready to use, including extra hardware support for random number generation and RGB LED signaling.

Nice looking

The Spreedbox will catch eyes when placed at a visible location and lights will catch your attention when there are messages or calls.

Spreedbox design


If your family lives all over the place you will love the Spreedbox as they can share their pictures and news without having them tracked, indexed, crawled and sold by service providers. They can leave you voice and video messages from all over the world without having to share anything with big data crawlers like Google or Facebook. With the Spreedbox you share nothing with any service provider - it all happens on the device.

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If you have questions, let me know. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spreed/spreedbox-the-most-private-video-chat-and-file-exc